John A. Perestam, LMT, PKP

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Professional Kinesiology Practitoner


Registered Professional Kinesiology Instructor and Faculty (ICPKP)

Touch for Health Kinesiology Certified Professional Kinesiology Instructor (IKC)

Anatomy and Physiology Instructor (EBI/FLSM)
Kinesiology/ Massage Instructor (FLSM)


Massage modalities are Deep Tissue, Swedish, Foot Reflexology, and Aromatherapy

No Fault insurance accepted with proper documentation and referral from licensed professionals.  Appointment lengths vary by condition and are tailored to each individuals need. Fee for service is based on $18-20.00 per 15 minute block. Area- specific work is available, for focused work on areas of concern  (ie, shoulder, hip, knee) for shorter, less costly sessions.


Personal and Professional Development Classes

C.Es/C.E.Us provided to Massage therapists, Acupuncturists, Nurses, Personal trainers

and Chiropractors. All classes are also taught out-of-state

"The interconnectivity of the human body is incredible, and limitless, There are circuits and connections yet undiscovered and that is where my curiosity loves to explore"


John Perestam, LMT PKP

(607) 237-1123 voice or text


Office Locations 


The Body Lab Wellness Center

309 Grant Avenue

Endicott, NY 13760

Barbara Harvey, MD

328 South Main Street

Athens, PA 18001

The Healing Point


Roze Kintner, PKP

Certified Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

Certified Stress and Pain Management Specialist 

Certified EFT Practitioner 


Roze is a professional Kinesiology practitioner who specializes in Functional Kinesiology,  her background in Kinesiology started in 2016 through the international kinesiology college and the US kinesiology institute. Roze later became a registered professional kinesiology practitioner and faculty member of the ICPKP. Roze also incorporates subtle energy healing modalities, intuitive healing along with advanced energy medicine technique, and psycho-spiritual balances 


Functional Kinesiology encompasses a holistic approach to health and wellness as it is one of the most comprehensive, dynamic and systematic fields in complementary health. Specialized Kinesiology integrates the ancient wisdom and principles of eastern medicine and western developments with deep roots in Applied Kinesiology developed by George Goodheart, DC. We employ the art and science of advanced muscle-testing as an assessment tool for biofeedback and stress monitoring - structural, emotional, mental, energetic, biochemical/nutritional, social and spiritual - creating enhanced function with deeper level balances for higher level wellness.   


Functional Kinesiology is client-centered,  encouraging self-responsibility as we support, empower and educate the continuum of a healthy lifestyle and for clients to become more independent with their well-care as much as possible. Appointments are tailored to the individual needs of each person as we recognize the dynamics of the human body while honoring the autonomy and sovereignty of every client. 


Registered Professional Kinesiology Instructor and faculty member of the ICPKP


* Functional Kinesiology classes I teach are available for self-supportive tools, an adjunct to current profession and CEs/CEUs for nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists and personal trainers.


- Touch for Health Kinesiology. Developed by John Thie, DC

- PKP professional program. Developed by Bruce Dewe, MD and Joan Dewe, MA

- K-Power (Epigenetic Healing Cycles, Stress Release Made Easy and

  (Tibetan Energy and Vitality)

- Wellness and Vitality 

 - Top Ten Pain Releasers 


Other Practice Location: 

Barbara Harvey, MD 

328 South Main Street

Athens, PA 18001


- Home Care

- Virtual appointment


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