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Functional Kinesiology Classes  


These workshops were developed with everyone in mind whether to augment self-care, as an adjunct to your current profession professional, or in need of continuing education credits.  


This field of Functional Kinesiology is one of the most holistic and systematic fields in mind-body medicine; the science of energy balancing grounded in anatomy and physiology. Functional Kinesiology employs the art and science of  manual muscle-testing as an assessment tool for 'biofeedback and stress monitoring' to detect imbalances and upgrade performance in all areas of life by addressing the whole person - physical, emotional, mental, energetic, chemical, nutritional and personal-ecology - for optimal health and well-being.

Continuing education credits are available for Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Nurses and Personal trainers. All classes can be taught in-person as well as in-state and out-of-state. If you would like to host a class at your location, please contact the wellness center.

Touch for Health Kinesiology

TFH Kinesiology is a wellness system of integrative holistic care and therapeutic balances. TFH has its roots in Applied Kinesiology and was developed by John Thie, DC with the layperson in mind, and all health and wellness professionals. Four levels granting 60 C.E.Us total or 15 C.E.Us per level/ manuals included/Certificate of Attendance from the International Kinesiology College

 $350.00 per level or $1,300.00 for all 4 levels (discounted)

  • The history, principles and  philosophy of Kinesiology

  • The Art and Science of  manual muscle-testing.  This employs biofeedback to detect and correct imbalances in the body.  You will learn how to accurately apply the skill of quality muscle-testing with precision, ease, comfort  and confidence! 

  • The importance of  using "pre-checks" to create a clear-circuit indicator-muscle and how to maintain that circuit for communication at all times.

  • The importance of using the language of a 'self-responsibility' model rather than a 'therapeutic' model.  

  • Nutrition - Identify foods and supplements that support or stress your body and "hidden" sensitivities  

  • Release physical discomfort whether pain, tension or lack in range of motion

  • Release mental and emotional stress, resolve past trauma, enhance future performance, goal balances, time-of-day balance (work shift changes/seasonal/jet lag), and so much more ...

Epigenetic Healing Cycles:

Your DNA is not your destiny

An excellent class for social distance/zoom or in-person class. No previous knowledge or training required. This incredible class is designed for beginners to the field of Kinesiology, but also offers seasoned bodyworkers new and extra skills.

Epigenetic Healing Cycles class will teach you an elegant protocol working with 20 activation pathways to switch on/off your genetic modulators. If you're familiar with Touch For Health Kinesiology, a number of those skills are integrated into this modality while new balancing reflexes are also presented. If you are new to this field, this class is geared for total beginners. Certified Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructors can also get you certified to teach yourself.

  • Release the impact of negative emotions

  • Clear common universal fears and stressors

  • Uncover and integrate buried emotions

  • Soothe and calm overwrought states

  • Increase your stress tolerance

  • Safely release deeply held anger and frustration 

If you have ever wanted to learn "energy work" for helping yourself or others, this class is for you...​

If you have ever been muscles tested and wanted to learn how to self-test, this class is for you...

Fee: $165.00. Course manual and certificate included

Mastery of Emotional Stress Release:

The combination of brain activating techniques taught with practical communication skills facilitates easy, quick and thorough resolution of emotional stress and traumas. Developed for complete beginners, yet licensed counselors with years of experience report it’s a remarkable, very effective training for them too. Gain the confidence and skills to work with people on those deeper issues that matter most to them!

  • Release stuck emotions preventing forward progress

  • Learn excellent "active listening" skills

  • Using "Feel/Want/ Willing" technique to express yourself and create positive responses from others.

  • Symbolic Encapsulation: using the subconscious to assist you with clearing emotional debris

Fee: $450.00. Course manual and certificate included. This course requires a prerequisite of either "Stress release Made Easy" or another K-Power or Touch for Health workshop that teaches ESR Class is scheduled for 2 and a half days and is immersive. It is strongly encouraged to take this class with a trusted friend, family member or partner.

Tibetan Energy and Vitality:

Looking and feeling better is one reason why we seek to improve our energy level. Low energy, fatigue, pain and loss of motivation are all signs that our body is functioning at less than its best. The Tibetan Energy and Vitality workshop was designed by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe to teach easy, practical stress management techniques that people can use for themselves and with family and friends: “We seek to empower people - to give them tools, fresh hope and to show them ways to move ahead out of their present situations, whether it be pain, dysfunction, overwhelm, weariness, fatigue, frustration or apparent hopelessness.” The workshop teaches a number of techniques originally developed by the people of Tibet to aid healing and improve energy and vitality

Fee: $165.00. Course manual and certificate included

Stress Release Made Easy:

First Aid for the soul 

This class will empower and enlighten you to easy and effective ways to release stress.  Using a combination of touch reflexes, meridian affirmations, temporal tapping, muscle testing and lifestyle stress management approaches, this course will assist you in making new healthy choices and strengthen your inner resources.

Fee: $165.00. Course manual and certificate included



John Perestam, LMT, PKP

Registered Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist (NY/ NCBTMB)  

PKP Certified Professional Kinesiology Instructor and Faculty (ICPKP)

Touch for Health Kinesiology Certified Instructor (IKC)

KPower® Certified Professional Kinesiology Instructor (ICPKP)

Roze Kintner, PKP

Registered Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

PKP Certified Professional Kinesiology Instructor and Faculty (ICPKP)

Touch for Health Kinesiology Certified Instructor (IKC)  

KPower® Certified Professional Kinesiology Instructor (ICPKP)

More Workshops and class schedules coming soon!



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