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Founded in 2010, The Body Lab Wellness Center has expanded and explored new directions in Massage Therapy, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Professional Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Reiki, and many modalities in the realm of energy medicine. 

Tucked away on a quiet street, next door to the areas oldest health food store, Down to Earth Whole Foods, The Body Lab has three floors of Massage therapists, and various other body related practitioners, giving us a wide range of complimentary services and referral networks.



I have been to see John Perestam (for Touch for Health) & Charles Napolitano (for Thai yoga Massage) and they are both amazing Therapists and people! I went through training at FLSM (which is where I met them) and they were both my instructors. I am so grateful to have taken that journey at all and it was even better because of them -their spirit, passion, knowledge, understanding, etc. -beyond words!

Later I finally had the opportunity to take John and Roze's Touch For Health training and they are both amazing, fun, spirited, trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, just wonderful people, therapists, and teachers. I Already knew and loved John and clicked with Roze right away. I was blessed with John at FLSM, so I had some understanding of this prior to class, but had that not been true the way they teach would have, and did, allow me to understand and integrate with clarity, integrity, and excitement. They and the work are all beyond amazing! Their passion for the work, their unbelievable stories, their teaching skills & team work, and the modality etc. are all so insightful, inspiring, intentional, powerful, positive, empowering, healing, and so much more!

I am so incredibly grateful for and inspired by John & Roze & Charles as well as Touch For Health in more ways and words than I can possibly express here. See any of them for an appointment or to learn yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Blessings, Love and Light, and Many Many Thanks,



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